Фотоаппаратов моментальной печати 7S bms 24v 30A 40A 60A 80A 100A 250A 300A 3 7 v литий-ионный аккумулятор smart BT UART RS485 можете общаться 18650


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1. How to choose BMS?
Necessary information: battery type, number of battery packs connected in series, load power or controller current limit,
application scenarios;Secondary information: battery capacity, discharge rate, voltage, continuous discharge current, etc.
2. What is hardware BMS and what is Smart BMS?
The hardware BMS has the most basic protection functions (overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent, short circuit), and can be customized with temperature control and GPS functions and switch function of control MOS charge and discharge.
The smart BMS is based on the addition of a Bluetooth module. It can download the APP to understand various data of the battery,and can customize the communication function: RS485/CAN.
3.What other extra function does BMS have?
It can be connected to an external display screen and a light board to monitor the data of the battery pack.At the same time,The 12V port can be customized so that you can connect the modules you want.It can also connect an external parallel module, which can solve the problem of excessive mutual charging current of parallel battery packs. It can also be connected to a communication board to realize BMS parallel communication.The active balance module is also supported by BMS. It can balance the voltage difference of the battery pack and solve the problem of poor cell consistency.
4.How is the shipping cost calculated?
Calculated based on the actual shipping cost of customer service.
5.Minimum Order Requirement (MOQ)?
No, we don't have MOQ. different customers have different requirements, we can provide various capacity and size as per your requirements, also ODM / OEM is welcome.We support sample order service.

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